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Those with a hint of hunger or thirst, you will find something of interest at THE TAP TRAILHOUSE. A HOUSE, stocked by LOCAL FARMERS & BREWERS, where travelers near & far feast on our VERSIONS of classic New England cookery. May all visitors enter INVITED & WELCOMED and leave but with a full belly, a wet lip and a fine story.

faneuil hall

Located near the waterfront and today’s Government Center, Faneuil Hall has been a marketplace and a meeting hall since 1742. It was the site of several speeches by Samuel Adams, James Otis, and others encouraging independence from Great Britain. Now it is part of Boston National Historical Park and a well-known stop on the Freedom Trail.

the freedom trail

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile-long red path through downtown Boston passing by 16 locations significant to American history. Marked largely with brick, it winds between Boston Common to the USS Constitution in Charlestown.

Stops along the trail include simple explanatory ground markers, graveyards, notable churches and buildings, and a historic naval frigate. The Freedom Trail is overseen by the City of Boston's “Freedom Trail Commission” and is supported in part by the Freedom Trail Foundation and Boston National Historical Park.